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Hda to format computer.

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Long time no news!

2009-05-28 16:31:47 by TimeCrush

So, schools almost out, that kicks ass and takes names in its own astounding greatness, but to add to the hilarity, several kids have been getting run over! Its funny because they all seem to be retarted enough to stand behind a car with no second thought of jumping out of the way.

I also won a contest in my state with a piece of art, Im pretty stoked, got a little cash, a little ceremony, it was nice. Apparently I can draw! O_o


2008-07-08 10:25:25 by TimeCrush

Ive been trying to do some animation to finaly put up here on newgrounds and I have a problem. I ALWAYS DO EVERYTHING ON ONE LAYER! Its horrid, I know. So when I pick something up, theres just nothing behind it. I only draw with lines to....I need a tablet if I really want to do some flash. I would love to make some and I have amazing ideas its just that dont have the tools and knowledge yet. IN DUE TIME!


Im a big fan of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac if you couldnt tell by my profile picture and I finally went out and bought Squees book. Its pretty good but I finished it in 45 minutes front to back. I suppose though that I just got it for the purpose of owning it but it makes me sad that Johnny will never again grace store shelves with something new.


My deviant arts going pretty good and I got some nice stories on there if your looking for a good quick read, dont expect an ending though their works in progress, one has 5 chapters thus far and another with 3 I believe. (the 3 is a zombie novel and the 5 is a Johnny novel)


Stop by the zombie survival crew on the forums to see if we think your good enough to survive a zombie epidemic, do you have what it takes to keep the undead horde at bay? Throw us your plan and we will give it a review. *Tip* Make sure its in depth.


Whats with Marry Melony? Theres one episode thats said to have many more but I believe the last one came out in '05, I really want to see more of that series but I guess the guy just dropped the project kind of sad.

Summer school sucks balls.

2008-06-18 10:29:16 by TimeCrush

Yes oh yes, the summer school from hell has decended upon my door step and kicked me in my nuts. Im spending most of the summer at my dads since he can supply transportation back and forth.

In other news, Im starting to think theres some kind of epidemic going around. People are starting to act like mindless zombies, well, more than normally that is. I seen a homeless man trying to get inside a building by scraping at the window of a bookstore, when the door was just around the corner. If that wasnt wierd enough I seen a mother and her daughter, (I assume thats what they were) stumbling through the middle of a busy road to get to people on the other side of the street, of course the other people walked the other way seeing as they were being saught after so the mother and daughter simply stood there dumbfounded as if they didnt know what was happening. I also saw a small army convoy about a week back going down 127 north towards Lansing. Im in Michigan right now so I advise anybody thats their to keep their hands washed more than regular and watch out for strange people.

In more other news, Im starting to wonder if insanity is more or less not a malfunction in your brain, but more of a parasite undetectable by todays scientific technology. This would explain alot in the above paragraph with the epidemic I'll now be refering to as, 'vegitarian zombies' God help us all if one of them trys to bite another one, then the vegitarian part will be removed and we will have an old fashion Z-day on our hands, get your provisions while you can people of michigan.

-Until later, your number one Z-day information source and zombie destroyer..

P.S. Watch yourself and dont get stupid if a loved one starts acting peculiar!

Urge to create but...CANT!

2008-05-02 23:58:57 by TimeCrush

Man, this is driving me nuts. One of the few times I am fueled by creation and want to make a flash animation that isnt a piece o' shit, I dont have any flash tool to make it with! Ive been bumming of a trial of flash MX for EVER! I dont know why it ran out when it did. If anybody can throw a comment up with someplace thats macromedia flash for free, I would appreciate it beyond reason. The creative juices are flowing, and I have no outlet for them. That can mean only one thing...TIME TO PUT BABYS IN MICROWAVES!

first post

2007-12-24 14:26:39 by TimeCrush

Just a start of a post. I guess Ive been on newgrounds for a bit now, just havent decided to update this thing. Lord knows nobody will see it anyway. Ah well, I dont care really. Im working on trying to throw some audio stuff up here so at least I start a name for myself. Cyas!